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Code   Product Description  Size
  Dehydrated Potatoes
10071179032632   Traditions® Low Sodium Mashed Potatoes 12/25.5 oz.
10071179022930   Traditions® No Salt Added Mashed Potatoes 6/4.6875 lb.
  Frozen Fruits
10071179777779   RoastWorks® Roasted Fuji Apples 6/2.5 lb.
10071179003489   Simplot Classic® Blackberries IQF 1/20 lb.
10071179199007   Simplot Classic® Blueberries IQF 1/20 lb.
10071179026662   Simplot Classic® Cherries Dark, Sweet, Pitted IQF 1/20 lb.
10071179199014   Simplot Classic® Golden Delicious Apples Sliced 7+1 30 lb. Tub
10071179199021   Simplot Classic® Golden Delicious Apples Sliced IQF 1/20 lb.
10071179177111   Simplot Classic® Mixed Fruit 4 Part IQF 4/5 lb.
10071179019404   Simplot Classic® Pacific Berry Blend 4/5 lb.
10071179179139   Simplot Classic® Peaches Sliced IQF 4/5 lb.
10071179199199   Simplot Classic® Raspberries in Syrup 6/6.5 lb.
10071179199410   Simplot Classic® Raspberries IQF 1/10 lb.
10071179199281   Simplot Classic® Strawberries Sliced 4+1 6/6.5 lb. Tub
10071179199298   Simplot Classic® Strawberries Whole IQF 30 lb. Tub
10071179016311   Simplot Classic® Triple Berry Blend 4/5 lb.
  Frozen Potatoes
10071179470052   Infinity® 10-Cut Wedge 6/4 lb.
10071179027058   NEW! RoastWorks® Unseasoned Sweet Potatoes 6/2.5 lb.
10071179707561   RoastWorks® Flame-Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Maple Seasoning 6/2.5 lb.
10071179000488   RoastWorks® Roasted Baby Bakers 6/2.5 lb.
10071179757672   RoastWorks® Rosemary Roasted Redskins 6/2.5 lb.
10071179026853   Simplot Oven Sensations™ 1/2'' Crinkle Cut 6/5 lb.
10071179020554   Simplot Oven-Roasted Fries 1/2'' Crinkle Cut 6/5 lb.
10071179024361   Simplot Sweets® Sweet Potato Gems 6/2.5 lb.
  Frozen Vegetables
10071179603337   Culinary Select™ Antigua Blend 8/3 lb.
10071179737339   Culinary Select™ Carrot Parisian 6/2.5 lb.
10071179662662   Culinary Select™ Catalina Blend 8/3 lb.
10071179522768   Culinary Select™ Edamame Shelled 6/2.5 lb.
10071179016380   Culinary Select™ Edamame Succotash Blend 6/2.5 lb.
10071179003236   Culinary Select™ Edamame Whole 6/2.5 lb.
10071179016397   Culinary Select™ Haricot de Deux Blend 6/2.5 lb.
10071179816775   Culinary Select™ Haricot Vert Blend 6/2.5 lb.
10071179607762   Culinary Select™ Kyoto Blend 6/2.5 lb.
10071179606024   Culinary Select™ Midori Blend 6/2.5 lb.
10071179601012   Culinary Select™ Monaco Blend 8/3 lb.
10071179012498   Culinary Select™ Montego Bay Blend 8/3 lb.
10071179016304   Culinary Select™ Monterey Blend 8/3 lb.
10071179009634   Culinary Select™ Provence Blend 8/3 lb.
10071179003762   Culinary Select™ Sonoma Blend 8/3 lb.
10071179602026   Culinary Select™ Tuscan Blend 8/3 lb.
10071179777762   RoastWorks® Roasted Corn & Black Bean 6/2.5 lb.
10071179677789   RoastWorks® Roasted Corn Cob 96/3 in.
10071179757603   RoastWorks® Roasted Mediterranean Blend 6/2.5 lb.
10071179677796   RoastWorks® Roasted Peppers & Onions 6/2.5 lb.
10071179790662   RoastWorks® Roasted Sweet Corn & Peppers 6/2.5 lb.

  • * Product only meets the Alliance for a Healthier Generation's nutritional guidelines for middle and high school students.
  • ** These dehydrated potato products only meet the Alliance for a Healthier Generation's nutritional guidelines if they are mixed with water (not milk or butter).

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